The road to building the LABT mobile app


While many of our efforts, are based on volunteer time (Thank you, Conductors!) we need to raise money for developing an app to let people easily sign up, ‘live track’ where a bike train is, get the best routes for riding around LA and more. So we jumped on the #SmallBiz bandwagon and are hoping @WellsFargoWorks selects us to receive 25k towards our goal!

You can help by clicking on the link, voting. No need to register or login to anything. And you can vote 1x everyday! From now until July 19, 2015.

Video produced by Kym NonStop!

Here’s our Tweet: Help us win $25k! Check out our #WellsFargoWorks entry & vote by July 19 #smallbiz #LABT

Or please consider contributing directly.

Post Script: WellsFargo has encouraged participants to share widely on Social Media – but it’s not really clear how votes/views would impact a submission. My feeling is that no one really wants to go through the task of voting for projects online and it’s really only a contest of who has a celebrity endorsement or a focus on online popularity, rather than project/business merit – since we tend to only vote to support our friends. So how will that trend (vetting projects for funding via social voting) last? Interestingly it seems that there’s a move to a ‘blended’ approach with judges making choices balanced by overall votes. In a way it seems like any organization running a contest is looking for exposure from applicants!

Remember: vote early & often! 😉


twitter: @nonavarnado