Route 003 : Silver Lake to Santa Monica

Meet Tuesdays at 7:45am at Sunset Triangle Plaza. This route is takes us all the way across Los Angeles via Fountain Ave and then through West Hollywood, Beverly Hills along Santa Monica Blvd and finally into Santa Monica along Arizona Ave. This is a long route, but anyone just making part of the journey is welcome to take part in any section of the ride. Note: The majority of this route does not have bike lanes, so we will be sharing the road with automobiles.;

About Your Conductor

Wes High

Wesley is an information technology specialist and maker of things

2 Responses to Route 003 : Silver Lake to Santa Monica
  1. i want to know how long it takes to do the ride from start to finish without stopping, without going at the max speed, i am a good biker. i just started a job in santa monica and HATE driving! HELP!!!!

  2. Mando says:

    Hey man, I ran into you on santa monica in beverly hills on tuesday, I was the guy on the fixed with neon gloves that broke off in westwood. I was wondering if you do this commute everyday

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