New L.A. Bike Train Riders

Congratulations! Participating in a Bike Train is the most fun you can have getting to work. It’s pretty easy, but there’s a few things you should know.

1. Once you submit your email to a particular route, you’ll get an email announcing when the next Bike Train will happen, where to show up, when to be there and how to contact your conductor if you need anything. You need to RSVP to that email address so the conductor knows to expect you.

2. BE ON TIME! Rides generally roll out between 7 – 9am and the conductor will be there at least 15 minutes in advance to drink coffee, hang out, introduce you to people and the route.

3. Conductors email riders to confirm, give weekly updates and riders RSVP by email.

4. Be friendly and understand that we are all volunteers.

5. If you get a flat or cannot keep up with the group, text or call the Train Conductor.

6. Help others, spread the word and keep it awesome!

If you’re new to the area or biking, check out LA Bike Train’s Special Valet Service!

Special Valet Service. It’s a one shot deal where you can request to have a conductor or other volunteer meet you at your house, show you how to get to the meeting point and then show you how to navigate from the route to your specific destination. The volunteer might also be able to recommend how to lock up or other practical tips for a new rider.