This site will be merging with – the site for the nonprofit that runs LA Bike Trains.

Have no fear! We still have 4 FREE bike trains that anyone can join, to learn, enjoy company and commute together. To answer the overwhelming demand for personal 1:1 instructions, help and other personalized assistance… We’ve got you!

Soon (this week!!) we’ll have an online form where you can submit your request, pay for it – or request a low-income fee waiver.  That way we’re helping people the way they most need it – and folks who can afford it will help us continue to help everyone. We all win when we work together. It’s important we stay strong & positive in this new political climate.

Here’s some of the things we’d like to do:

  • Printing costs for small fliers, conductor business cards, stickers and other print jobs. We’d like to do these every other month: $175
  • Bike Signage: like the pink “Lyft” moustaches – but more awesome: $375
  • New Route Development: $1,500 to launch one new route
  • Back up tools for fixing flats, extra tubes: $95 per conductor
  • Web hosting, domains, etc. $185

Please consider donating.