Commuter Survey

Help us figure out where to develop the next LA Bike Train. By filling out this survey you’ll impact what new routes are created, which ones are prioritized and more.

Your privacy is important to us. We do not require names or specific addresses to participate. If you want to give us the nearest intersection instead of a specific address, that still works. We do need to be able to determine 2 points on a map for each response, and have an email associated with those point to be able to verify there’s a real person behind it.

7 Responses to Commuter Survey
  1. […] LA Bike Trains is eager to expand! To provide input where you would like to join a bike train, fill out their Commuter Survey. […]

  2. R. Reese says:

    This needs to happen in the SFV! It’s part of Los Angeles, too. Just sayin’.

    • Trevor says:

      I am looking for more bike rides and lanes in the valley too! I live in canoga park and would like to see all the major streets out here to be rideable, not just a few.

  3. Newt says:

    San Gabriel Valley to Downtown LA !!

  4. Leanna Levine says:

    Just read the article in Bicycling Mag.
    Would like to bike commute, but scared of getting hit because parts of the route have cars parked on side, and traffic moving at 40MPH.

    Kudos for taking the initiative.


  5. John H says:

    My typical morning commute roughly parallels the Metro 217/780 bus route. I usually follow the sharrow routes from Hollywood/Highland station along Orange to Fountain, then turn down Fairfax. I initially tried some other routes but Fairfax has relatively sedated traffic compared to La Brea (I won’t even go near La Cienega), which is probably due to the narrower roadway and fewer lanes.

  6. Time to spread this brilliant movement to new parts of LA

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