Commuter Survey


This site will be merging with – the site for the nonprofit that runs LA Bike Trains.

Have no fear! We still have 4 FREE bike trains that anyone can join, to learn, enjoy company and commute together. To answer the overwhelming demand for personal 1:1 instructions, help and other personalized assistance… We’ve got you!

Soon (this week!!) we’ll have an online form where you can submit your request, pay for it – or request a low-income fee waiver.  That way we’re helping people the way they most need it – and folks who can afford it will help us continue to help everyone. We all win when we work together. It’s important we stay strong & positive in this new political climate.


Help us figure out where to develop the next LA Bike Train. By filling out this survey you’ll impact what new routes are created, which ones are prioritized and more.


Your privacy is important to us. We do not require names or specific addresses to participate. If you want to give us the nearest intersection instead of a specific address, that still works. We do need to be able to determine 2 points on a map for each response, and have an email associated with those point to be able to verify there’s a real person behind it.